Planning, deployment, and management of a modern cloud infrastructure, providing a valuable competitive advantage.

Our architects will craft a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure that will help your business grow in ways your old infrastructure simply can’t

By now you may have heard how the cloud is changing the way businesses operate to increase collaboration and productivity while reducing costs and risk. If you’re looking to migrate your business to the cloud but are overwhelmed by the options features, don’t worry! ATLA Managed Services  is here to help you find, implement, and maintain the cloud IT infrastructure that best fits your company.

Our cloud architects will quickly and seamlessly deploy a cloud setup that is tailored to your business and its goals. Your workforce will be able to share and edit files in real time, from anywhere there’s an internet connection, and you’ll save on server and energy costs since your infrastructure will be hosted in a secure data center. You’ll also get ATLA’s Managed Services exceptional management and maintenance services so your cloud setup always works as intended.

With Cloud Services from ATLA's Managed Solutions, you’ll enjoy

1. Enhanced collaboration, productivity, and mobility for your employees

2. Reduced hardware, energy, and cooling costs

3. Secure data storage with redundant backups and two-factor authentication

4. File virtualization, Infrastructure virtualization, Server virtualization

5. Migrating applications and infrastructure to a cloud environment

6. Usage of Cloud-based tools such as BI tools, visualization tools, document management services

7. Flexible rates with no surprise fees or long-term contracts



The point of access to software running on servers is provided by SaaS, which is the most familiar form of cloud services. It helps in managing software and its deployment of third-party services.



As with most of our cloud services, PaaS is built on top of virtualization technology. Typically, we provide a platform on which software can be developed and deployed.The work of dealing with servers and give clients environment in which the operating system and server software.


IaaS is self-provisioned, metered, and available on-demand, which comprises of highly automated and scalable compute resources with cloud storage and network capability.


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